Dean Dorton

About Us

Smart leaders today know how to build a team around them that will drive success.

Or, as we say, Smart Leaders Choose Innovative Advisors.

When it comes to accounting, technology and consulting, Dean Dorton is the kind of firm to have on your team.  Our innovative business advisors and problem solvers bring a fresh perspective to your organization. 

We help leaders create, grow and protect value.

Dean Dorton is a leading Kentucky-based regional accounting firm that perfectly blends innovative business thinking, attentive personal service and an unyielding commitment to accuracy, quality and timeliness.

Our firm culture focuses on developing our own leaders who are the most well-equipped to help our clients succeed. This culture includes acting as innovative business advisors and problem solvers, bringing a fresh perspective to your organization.

We don’t think we have all the answers.  But we do strive to be a valuable part of your team.  We collaborate with you to arrive at the best solutions for you.  Because we each have our own strengths, we bring out the best in each other. 

As a leading regional firm, we have the breadth of expertise and resources to provide an attractive alternative for large and middle market organizations caught between the high cost of big CPA firms and the limitations of smaller firms.

We're dedicated to providing services that exceed our clients’ expectations and are consistently superior to our competitors in quality and timeliness.  We strive to do so in a setting that is satisfying professionally and personally for firm employees.

Dean Dorton brings a fresh perspective and a business mentality to every client relationship.  While we deliver the highest level of technical quality and accounting skills, we also learn your business, observe your operations, compare them to best practices, and actively look for ways to help you be more successful.

We listen.  We strive to develop a deep understanding of your operation and your needs.  As a member of your team, we are intensely interested in driving value and supporting your long-term success.

We view every new engagement as the beginning of a long-term relationship.  Our client retention, and employee retention, bear that out.  Whether a long-time client, or someone new to Dean Dorton, our goal is the same; to perfectly blend innovative business thinking, attentive personal service and an unyielding commitment to accuracy, quality and timeliness, to help you achieve your goals in ways no other firm can match.






The Dean Dorton Frame

Our approach to delivering value is centered around collaboration with our clients.  We help you identify problems and opportunities.   Around each one, we craft a client discussion frame.  The frame is simply a way to “picture” the problem, brainstorm innovative solutions, and collaborate with you to arrive at the perfect solution, one that is unique to you and completely yours.

It's a process better experienced than described.  Talk with any of our Directors to see for yourself.