Internal Audits

Internal Audit

From internal audit outsourcing or co-sourcing to assisting management with financial reporting or improving efficiency, Dean Dorton brings value to your organization.  Dean Dorton has a team of internal audit professionals who work closely with many companies in the region.  Our team has experience working as members of management, CFOs, controllers and staff of internal audit departments.  This experience allows us to provide valuable insight and practical solutions to our clients.

Internal audit now has a more strategic role.  No longer limited to focusing on processes and controls surrounding financial reporting, internal audit creates value by identifying organization-wide risks, leveraging synergies, monitoring and improving early warning of new risks and improving processes and efficiency.  Dean Dorton will work with you to evaluate your current internal control environment, and develop strategies to strengthen it to help reduce risks of fraud or material error, maximize operational effectiveness, and identify opportunities to maximize profits.

The internal audit services Dean Dorton provides include:

Internal Audit Startup and Development
Our experienced team can help start an internal audit function, make improvements that increase the value of your current function or develop a world-class internal audit department.

We will help you define internal audit’s strategic role within the organization.  In many cases, the complex business environment demands that internal audit expand its activities, elevating its role to strategic partner in activities related to governance, risk and compliance, to improve risk identification and quickly identify threats.

Dean Dorton offers a customized approach, where our experienced professionals work with you to gain consensus on the mission and objectives of internal audit and develop and implement an effective model to achieve them.

Our objective advice and guidance can make it easier to achieve the desired results more quickly, and give you a high degree of confidence in success.  We use current best practices and a risk-based methodology based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework to gain the highest level of implementation efficiency and provide a solid foundation for your internal audit function.

Internal Audit Outsourcing
There are many ways to transform your internal audit function to create more value. Many organizations rely on Dean Dorton resources when they are just starting an internal audit function, when they can’t complete their audit plan with current staff, or when considering long-term outsourcing.

Advantages to outsourcing include:

  • gaining access to hundreds of subject matter experts, rather than the skill set of the few internal auditors in the internal audit department
  • leveraging the expertise of auditors which can more easily be matched to the tasks being performed
  • flexibility to respond to business risks and ad-hoc issues much quicker than an internal audit department, and with more relevant experience and expertise
  • accessing best practices, and the ability to benchmark the organization to its industry

The cost of using Dean Dorton for outsourcing is normally less than or very similar to the fully burdened cost of in-house internal auditors.

We will provide the right resources and level of support for you to achieve your internal audit goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Dean Dorton professionals will perform all the activities of your internal audit function, with the oversight of your appointed executive.  Our methodology allows us to integrate our tools and identify improvement opportunities and best practices to provide high-quality, cost-effective operations.

You and Dean Dorton will be jointly responsible for oversight of the internal audit process.  We will co-develop your risk and process methodology, and share tools and databases specific to your business.  Our team will have a regular presence to manage this process.  We typically provide these services on a recurring, long-term basis.

Loaned staff
When there is an immediate need to fill a position, complete a special project, fill a knowledge gap or provide on-site training, Dean Dorton will provide the resources you need for the time period required.

SOX 404 Services
Dean Dorton has collaborated with public companies on many Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX 404) engagements, helping them create and implement compliance programs and processes or improving existing ones.  We customize our services to meet your organization’s needs and work with your external auditor to help ensure your program complies with all SOX 404 regulations.

We have the experience and knowledge needed for selecting an appropriate compliance framework, internal controls documentation help, a readiness assessment or a fully-outsourced compliance solution.

Our services include:

  • Initial SOX 404 and J-SOX compliance assistance
  • SOX 404 and J-SOX program optimization
  • Outsourcing, cosourcing and loaned staff
  • Fraud risk assessment

IT Audit
Our Technology consultants work closely with our Assurance Services Group to provide IT general controls and services on our audit engagements.  We have worked to develop an IT general control framework that can be used to perform a general IT assessment for any organization.

A unique difference between Dean Dorton IT auditors and other IT auditors is that, when we are not auditing, we are consulting and supporting daily IT operations.  This gives us a unique hands-on perspective.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Service Organization Control Reporting SSAE No. 16 (Formerly SAS 70)
    • SOC1
    • SOC2
    • SOC3
    • Combining service organization control reporting and other compliance
  • SOX 404 and J-SOX compliance (implementation and testing)
  • IT general controls auditing
  • Outsourced internal IT audit services
  • IT security and privacy services