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Litigation and Forensics

Dean Dorton's law firm services team is a group of professionals specially trained to meet the unique business needs of lawyers and their clients. Our team can perform a comprehensive range of consulting and financial services to help your case, your clients, and your firm's operations. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you that will benefit your firm for many years to come. Some of the services we offer include:

Services for Law Firm Clients
Dean Dorton has a group of professionals dedicated to providing timely, high-quality service assistance to attorneys on their client-related work. Specifically, we focus on the following.

Bankruptcy Accounting Services Expert Testimony & Consulting
Business Valuation Forensic Accounting
Merger & Acquisition Practice Management Consulting
Divorce Consulting Litigation Support
Insurance Claims  

Bankruptcy Services
The bankruptcy process requires specific accounting knowledge and familiarity with the legal process and requirements. We have experience with claims reconciliation and processing, preference calculations, preparation of Bankruptcy Court reports, and Debtor liquidation. We have also performed forensic accounting on prepetition data.

Expert Testimony/Litigation Consulting 
Several members of the firm provide expert testimony and other support services in conjunction with dispute resolution.

Business Valuation 
We have a team of professionals trained in preparing business valuations in a variety of forums, e.g., divorce, business acquisition or sale, litigation, estate planning, and estate and gift tax reporting.

Forensic Accounting 
A team of audit professionals provides forensic accounting services in conjunction with fraud investigations. Our team includes three Certified Fraud Examiners.

Merger and Acquisition 
We perform due diligence services in conjunction with business mergers or acquisitions.

Technology Services for the Law Firm
Dean Dorton has a separate department devoted entirely to assisting our clients with their technology issues. We have successfully implemented new, cutting-edge software for law firms which help automate time and billing, case management, and accounting.

For more information, please contect Elizabeth Woodward, Director of Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services, at or via phone 859.425.7677.